Morgenmete is a food journal exploring the absurdity of life through the setting of breakfast. 

Not your typical food journal, Morgenmete is a bi-annual print journal covering breakfast that combines humorous writing, photography and illustrations in a sendup of curated culture. 

"Beautiful art direction, photography, and words full of fluffy, syrupy, yolky hilariousness. It's like a dish of chicken and waffles for your eyes! Morgenmete belongs on every breakfast table and/or nook in America. If there's one high-end satire magazine focusing very specifically on breakfast that's worth backing on Kickstarter, it'd be this one.”

- Hassan Ali, Creative Marketing Director

Issue 01 features new, incredible work from the following artists: Jason TravisAndy J MillerDanielle EvansTommy PerezGrace DanicoAmber VittoriaAndrea SparacioPablo Alfieriand Paloma RincónCristina VankoJosh LaFayetteFelicia ReinKaitlin BoyleLaura Lynn JohnstonJason and Natalie Hales.

In Issue 01, you’ll find the following features and stories:

An Incredible True Story of One Man’s Near-Breakfast Experience 
One countryman gets so close to breakfast and lives to tell his tale

The Art of Syrup: Living a Viral Lifestyle 
We interview syrup artist Danielle Evans and get her advice for aspiring viral artists in the syrup-based genre

Game of Scones: A Virtual Brunch Experience 
Feature story exploring the world’s first breakfast VR experience where you’re tasking on finding the perfect brunch spot for a party of 8 to seat

Sex for Breakfast 
A photo essay by Paloma Rincon and Hello Playful

I’m a Normal Person Who Has a Countdown Clock in my Kitchen 
Exploring the story of one man who lives like everyone else except he has a countdown clock hovering over him for breakfast

Champions of Breakfast 
An original photo essay from Los Angeles photographer Jason Travis

We Leave This Planet The Same Way We Arrived: Wondering Why Turkey Bacon Exists 
An original op-ed from internet superstar Josh LaFayette talking about the most polarizing breakfast item

I’m Not a Dunkin Donuts Employee, I’m a Donut Curator 
We check in with a local DD employee who considers himself the ultimate donut box artist

This Isn’t Brunch, This is War. Get Your Head in the Game, Assholes. Profiles of those few who dare to get the brunch bod of their dreams.

Media Release: We Cannot Disclose the Percentage of Pulp in this Orange Juice 
Breaking news on the pulp front is presented in this official media release

Best Coffee in Town: Wi-Fi Edition 
Coffee is only as good as the lightning fast wi-fi connection a coffee-shop brings


Issue 01 will be up for pre-order soon!