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Issue 02: The Always Connected Issue

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‘The Always Connected Issue’ believes the breakfast table is the best lens to examine our connected culture. Frustrated with mindlessly scrolling, living in notification hell, it’s hard to get away from being extremely online, and breakfast is no exception. We examine what this means for the first meal of the day with deep stories, delicious photo essays, syrupy reads and hot dishes. Come hungry.


Jessie Brown
Georgette Eva
Marianna Fierro
Teresa Finney
Rachel Frankel
Gerard + Belevender
Faustine Gheno
Elizabeth Goodspeed
Chantal Jahchan
Lauren Jones
Olivia Kingsley
Olenka Malarecka
Tess Malone
Kimberly Mar
Kelsey McClellan
Erin Pinkley
Dorothy Porker
Ashley Rodriguez
Suzanne Saroff
Cristina Vanko
Muriel Vega
Dianna Wynne


  • Dive deep into technology’s intersection with breakfast. Cristina Vanko looks at how rules around breakfast make navigating dating apps easier, and Muriel Vega compares international breakfast preferences with WhatsApp versus iMessage use. 
  • Elizabeth Goodspeed explores how cereal has reflected the way we eat and live for more than 160 years up until the recent boom of $40 cereal packs. 
  • Reflections from early pandemic life are examined throughout this issue. Diana Wynne explores slowing down during the early days of COVID-19, and Georgette Eva reflects on how morning coffee rituals changed when our favorite cafés were no longer open to us. 
  • Gerard + Belevender explores emerging technologies with generative AI breakfast renderings, and then reimagines what our bots give us back in a photo essay. 
  • Tim Lampe explores how TikTok secret-menu hacks are no match for Waffle House. 
  • Suzanne Saroff expounds on one of her favorite photographic subjects: the humble egg.
  • Tess Malone talks to Alejandra Luaces about how her bakery, Hell Yeah Gluten Free, experienced a sensational rise on Instagram, and interviews Boss Barista’s Ashley Rodriguez about her coffee-culture Substack and podcast. 
  • Embarking on one last escape with Olivia Kingsley, who reminisces about her breakfast escapades in Italy.
  • Nostalgic and pandemic-inspired recipes from Dorothy Porker, Jessie Brown, and Teresa Finney, all paired with humorous and heartfelt personal stories.
  • Original illustration and photo stories from Kim Mar and Lauren Jones
  • A collection of humorist fiction shorts from Georgette Eva


  • 104 pages
  • 8.5 x 11
Illustration of a flapjack flipping in a pan

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The Most Important Meal of the Day
The Most Important Meal of the Day