We’re dedicated to having the most appealing brunch menu and keeping up with culinary trends. We’ve heard your feedback, and this upcoming Sunday we’re unveiling our revised brunch menu with the addition of Tide Pods to all of our signature dishes. We believe our customers will be thrilled at the ingenuity on display here. Please see below for a more detailed list of dishes.

Quinoa Tide Pod Bowl with Pecorino

Inspired by a Caesar salad in this quinoa bowl, a soft runny Tide Pod and a lemony, cheese-spiked dressing.

Tide Pod Benedict

Seasoned ham, poached Tide Pod placed gently on top of a toasted english muffle topped with a zesty Tide Podandaise and a side of home fries.

Tide Pod in the Hole

Poached Tide Pod placed on a fresh whole grain bread, sea salt and peppercorn

Other Inspired Brunch Dishes:

Wild Mushroom and Tide Pod Omelet

Creamy, Tangy omelet made from farm fresh eggs with diced Tide Pod’s gently folded in

Open Faced Salmon Breakfast Sandwich

Fried Tide Pod, smoked salmon, topped on a slice of brioche

Tide Pod Dutch Baby

Batter sweetened with pomegranate juice, with Tide Pods sprinkled in between

Bonus: For the Kids

Tide Pod Cereal in a bowl with your choice of 1% or Whole Milk