Breakfast menus have always been an enormous bargain to visitors and we still believe this is the case. Our brunch menu endeavors to be the ideal companion for your visit to this fine establishment; reflective of our vision, beautifully designed and easy to read. We’re constantly looking for new ways to be the brunch menu you want from us. That's why you may see a small subscription fee in order to read the brunch menu you’re about to pick up.

Your support will ensure we can deliver to you the most insatiable breakfast item descriptions, deepest reporting on trendy side dishes and the most valuable information on this restaurant presented elegantly in a design-forward print layout.

What Will This Cost Me?

Not that much! Access to our brunch menu, as well as our sister restaurant menus, will $5 a month. That’s only $60 a year for access to our scrumptiously written descriptions of our specialty pancakes and award-winning description of our Dutch Baby. It won us Best Menu Item Description in Restaurant Menu Quarterly in June 2015.

For an extra $10 a month, you’ll get a print version of our menu mailed to your home so that you may frame it in observance of your visit here.

If I Don’t Subscribe, How Much of the Menu Can I Read For Free?

We will allow you to read up to 3 brunch menu item descriptions before we will come over and physically ask you to give us $5 to read the rest.