Today we announce the release of Morgenmete Issue 01 in print. It’s a momentous day in breakfast!

In the middle of last year, we announced ambitious plans to go to print on Issue 01 with offset printing in the highest quality, with supporters pledging over $8,000 to help us see that vision through. Unfortunately, it fell just short of our full fundraising goal, so we had backtrack a little bit on printing. The magazine itself had already been written, designed and produced. We took to seeing where we could compromise in order to get it to print for the few hundred folks who said yes to our vision.

The priorities in printing the first issue for us were pulling back on the number of copies on this first run, along with switching to digital printing instead of offset. We found a partner for printing in Saline, MI, and were able to keep the high quality stipple stock cover and 60 pound paper inside we had originally intended on using. In simple terms, this magazine still looks and feels incredible. It's a stand-out print piece that will look great displayed anywhere in your home.

The process to get this to print was lengthy, but today we are stocked and ready to ship in the United States, Canada and select international areas. We also put a considerable effort into building out, the site you’re currently browsing. It was important for it to not just be a home to purchase the magazine, but a place to read the content inside and other related digital articles we produce. There’s still a few bugs and issues to work out, but we believe it’s a great display of content.

This is just the beginning of our journey around breakfast, and you’ll be seeing a lot more shared here. We’ve also begun development of our next issue, which you’ll hear about soon. It’s a good time to be a fan of breakfast.

Thanks to all who supported the fundraiser last year and those who are discovering our magazine today.

Tim Lampe
Editor in Chief
Morgenmete Journal