It's been a hot breakfast minute but we're breaking some eggs and crafting Issue 02.

You can get virtually anything delivered to you within 30 minutes at the tap of a finger. You simultaneously live in notification hell and constant fear of losing your relevance, thoroughly convinced that the concept of inbox zero is purely a myth. Today you swore you’d make a hearty breakfast, but you spent too much time in bed vlogging about it to actually get to cooking it. What else could we be accomplishing if we didn’t have to sacrifice hours a day keeping up appearances in our digital society?

Issue 02 of Morgenmete will explore the culture of constant connection in the context of breakfast⁠—the ideal lens with which to view the world. Morgenmete is seeking creative writing, photography, and drawings by people who love breakfast as much as we do. You don’t need to be a traditional food writer or a photographer, just someone who appreciates the best meal of the day. We like our content to be ‘over easy’—stories and images that don’t take themselves too seriously; clever or humourous with a side of satire.

Maybe your submission is a list of brunch social contracts nobody talks about. Perhaps you’ve invented the next great breakfast tech product, or you’ve just discovered that TikTok is the pioneering space for breakfast content and you’re ready to share the links (or patties) to all your favorite videos. This is a space to dream big, have fun, and dig your fork into the sausage and hash of our connected lives.

How Do I Submit?

Please send your original breakfast-related pitches, concepts, stories, illustrations, photos, or collages to by no later than 5:00pm EST on Friday, December 6, 2019 with the subject line ’Issue 02 Submission’. If sending a pitch or concept, please allow yourself enough time to complete your piece by the 12/6/2019 deadline. If sending a completed piece, please note that your submission is subject to edits by the Morgenmete Editorial Team, who reserves the right to make stylistic, grammatical, and other changes depending on editorial and space requirements.