What is Morgenmete?

A bi-annual satire journal revolving around breakfast that combines humorous writing, photography and illustrations. Think 'McSweeneys' meets breakfast. 


What makes it different from the rest?

The journal presents writing and images that present hard truths about culture, social media and death. It features rewarding content from a spectrum of creative voices presented with high production value and innovative art direction. It doesn't feature reviews of food and restaurants, valid recipes or anything serious. The setting is always breakfast, but the canvas is wide open.

Hales Photo-Tim Lampe BreakFast-1043.jpg

Who makes Morgenmete?

Atlanta art director Tim Lampe handles a majority of the art direction, but the journal is a collection of talented writers, photographers, illustrators that we collaborate with on each issue.



Photography Mood Board

Photographs are going to be a big portion of this publication, paired along with feature stories or stand-alone photo essays. Guidlines to photography:

  • Strong concepts/point of view
  • Using color powerfully and to set mood
  • Don’t be afraid to get messy
  • Good model work/high fashion
  • Personalize the sets where possible 
  • Make pictures look like they take place in a defined space
  • Tell a story

See the full photo inspiration board here


Illustration/design mood board

The illustrations should serve the story or tell it's own small contained story. Feel free to make a comic strip or a small narrative. 

  • Bright colors
  • Strong concepts/point of view
  • As silly as possible 
  • Try new techniques
  • Imagine your own breakfast world


Journal content

This is the important part. Satire can be pretty broad, but below you’ll get a better idea for the type of content we’re looking for. As far as real world examples, think less of Portlandia and more like ‘Search Party’ or McSweeneys. The setting is always revolving around breakfast, but each piece should speak to some truth or have value for the reader. The writing should be dangerous. 

A few examples of existing inspiration for writing: 
The Right Sausage for Your Relationship
5 Secret McDonald’s Menu Items You Have To Order
- Lets Have a Meeting to Plan Our Next Meeting 

Feel free to develop your own article, or I've also gotten a bank of pre-written article titles to look at for inspiration or you can write to the headlines. Here are a few examples. 
- I understand that you have a birth plan, but we made brunch reservations in advance
- In Memoriam: Omelets I ate

- Natural Light Won't Overcome Your Lack of Salt on this Avocado Toast
- Feature: What to expect if you travel back in time and invent the croissant
- I'm Not Just a Dunkin Donuts Employee, I am a Donut Curator
- Natural Light Won't Overcome Your Lack of Salt on this Avocado Toast
- Please Fill Out this Short Survey on Why You Unfollowed Me After I Posted an Instagram of a Short Stack of Pancakes
- This Isn’t Brunch, This Is War. Get Your Head in the Game, Assholes
- Today's Top Chefs Tell Us What They've Learned Over the Years of Serving You, Assholes

- City Guide: Fuck it, you know what, Go to Dennys

I've drafted a few articles myself, to give an idea of the tone of the editorial work. You can read a few of them below:
Incredible True Story of one man's Near- Breakfast Experience
Report: We Can't Disclose the Percentage of Pulp in this Orange Juice
Here are my list of professional (omelet) references



Where Do You Come In?

I want to hear about your take on breakfast through visuals or writing. Let's collaborate on making this happen. Create the photo essay of your dreams, write an article saying something you've been dying to say for some time. Have your own by-line in this print mag, your stamp on breakfast satire history.  I will help make any piece happen for anybody who wants to see it through. This is the most ambitious thing I've done yet. 


For Writers

The Ask: Write 500-2000 words on topic, could be anything as long as it touches on breakfast. The idea bank open for grabs and you can see the rest of my idea list for more inspiration. Feel free to interpret any way you want or pitch something new. It could be as complex as a thesis on why a certain breakfast food exists or as simple as a list of breakfast foods that are the most colorful.

The deadline: June 2nd, 2017

For Illustrators/Photographers

The Ask: Create a creative asset or a photo essay on one of the topics in the writing list or interpret the overall feel of the mag into your own piece. As long as it’s breakfast related, it won’t be discarded. Pitches welcome.

The deadline: June 2nd, 2017