What is Morgenmete?
A small bi-annual satire journal revolving around breakfast that combines humorous writing, photography and illustrations in a sendup of curated culture and magazines. The etymology of the word breakfast traces back to an old English word  morgenmete meaning "morning meal.” This name is about as pretentious as it can get.

What makes it different from the rest? 
The journal presents writing and images that present hard truths about culture, social media and death. It features rewarding content from a spectrum of creative voices presented with high production value and innovative art direction. It doesn't feature reviews of food and restaurants, valid recipes or anything serious. 

Who makes Morgemete?
Atlanta art director Tim Lampe handles a majority of the art direction, but the journal is a collection of talented writers, photographers, illustrators that we collaborate with on each issue.

Who reads it?
People who love breakfast, love insightful and reflective satire and those looking for a laugh. 

Contributors to Issue 01 include: Jason Travis, Andy J Miller, Danielle Evans, Tommy Perez, Grace Danico, Andrea Sparacio, Pablo Alfieri and Paloma Rincón, Daniel Haire, Barry Lee, Josh LaFayette, Kaitlin Boyle, Laura Lynn Johnson and Jason Hales. 

Written pieces appearing in the Journal:
- Here are my list of professional (omelet) references
- Incredible True Story of one man's Near- Breakfast Experience
- The Art of Syrup
- City Guide: Fuck It, You Know What, Just Go to Denny’s
- 15,000 Omelets Left Before I Die
- Egg Whites Are Better
- Report: We Can't Disclose the Percentage of Pulp in this Orange Juice
- This Isn’t Brunch, This Is War. Get Your Head in the Game, Assholes
- Breakfast: A VR Experience 
- I'm Not Just a Dunkin Donuts Employee, I am a Donut Curator
- When Farm to Table Isn’t Close Enough
- Op Ed: We Leave this World the Same Way We Came In: Wondering Why Turkey Bacon Exists
- 6 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast
- Today's Top Chefs Tell Us What They've Learned Over the Years of Serving You
- Best Coffee in Town (Reliable Wi-Fi Edition)